Facebook has blocked me out of my account and demanded that I produce ID - why?

Because they don't like people using their pen names or nick names/road handles anymore.

After all of these years going by Belt Drive Betty, two weeks ago they forced me to add my last name - Charbonneau and now I have to add my first and last name. No more going by the old road handle.

What I do not understand is why you can't simply fill out a form with your real name and contact information that their administration keeps but tell them that to the world I want to be known as... Privacy laws and governmental snooping laws would be appeased, but I could be called by the name I have been known by for years.

I am not in love with how Facebook is doing business, or the way it has evolved.

Is Facebook is becoming unbearable to use?

It is definitely becoming more cumbersome and unfriendly.

They make things so difficult, even something as simple as stopping the notifications on a post can see you accidentally reporting someone.

They don't allow pages to invite people to events unless you are willing to or can afford to pay to host your event on your business page, you have to create a group in order to invite your friends to a free event.

If you do not pay to promote a post only 5-6% of your network ever sees it.

I don't know about other business people, but I have my personal page, my business page, several provincial business pages, a personality page and some groups. My connections to real live people have value to me, so why do only 5-6% of the people who are connected to me ever see what I post?

Never has it become more important for people to share the news and information that is important to their friends, otherwise, no one benefits from the circle you have much unless everyone is sharing like crazy!

Since I am on a forced hiatus, I am going to take some time to look at other social networks that allow a person a little freedom on the world facing information that is put out there.

In the meantime, it is now time to start asking all of my friends who are connected to the Facebook Page Marie Renee Charbonneau (formerly known as Belt Drive Betty), to like me on my personality page - Belt Drive Betty.  I am going to be doing most of my posting there once I am allowed back on. I will then lock down my personal page to only family and extremely close friends and connect through the personality page - Belt Drive Betty.

If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with my Facebook woes, please contact me!

For my friends whose birthdays I will miss while I am locked out of my account, Happy Birthday.

Happy New Year, looks like the new one is starting of exactly the way the old one went out...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. yes, facebook has been annoying for awhile now, I started using it less. A few people I know, are taking a 30 day break as a new years resolution, and cleansing on return in order to better validate what they want from their network.... although this now explains why the post of yours I shared.... disappeared.
    what my wifes Roller derby team has been doing, is first name derby name then last name. Or complete name, then derby name as "nickname", then it shows up in brackets after.

    I was just starting my cancer blog recently and noticed a big difference in how FB portrays and lets you set up pages. You might need to change them to "community" pages, and not necessarily business pages. You aren't the first to face this - and you won't be the last... don't give in by giving them money. You just need to figure out which rule of theirs, that they haven't told you about, you aren't coshur with.

    Good luck.