June 2nd, 2015 will be the beginning of the end for motorcycle clubs in the US of A if the ATF and other police services along with Federal prosecutors have their way.

The Mongols MC have been fighting with the feds over their collective association membership mark since 2008.

At a recent fundraiser held by the Mongols MC in South Gate California (the fundraiser was unrelated to the collective membership mark case), a woman who was filming the police, who were reportedly stopping and detaining people attending the Mongols MC fundraiser, had her camera taken out of her hands and destroyed.

Watch the videos, you will see why the police destroyed the camera.
It would appear that they did not want evidence of what they were doing to by passers recorded.

I am not generally one for conspiracy theories, however the shooting in Waco and the fact that so much of the "evidence" is surrounded by controversy got me to thinking about some of the recent articles I have read about judges in the US and their decisions that seem to contravene the US's Constitution.

I am now wondering how much the court battle between the Feds and the Mongols MC over their collective membership mark/trademark has to do with the shooting in Waco Texas...or the decision over the bar brawl at the Lounge Lizard in near Wonder Lake Illinois...

You see, the police services and federal prosecutors in the US would have one believe that if you take the patch away from motorcycle clubs, you take away their power.

In fact in the state of Illinois,  judge Sharon Prather recently decided that members of the Outlaws MC would not be getting their cuts back after a bar brawl:"A McHenry County judge ruled Friday that the items won't be returned because the motorcycle club is a "street gang" and that the vests are "contraband" worn "to facilitate street gang activity." 
Read the Chicago Tribune Article HERE

The judge on the bench for the Mongols court case over their patch (collective association membership mark) Otis Wright II is clearly prejudiced against the Mongols MC as can be seen in his statements: 
“This is a criminal enterprise, as evidenced by the admission of same by no fewer than 40 people who appeared before me,” Wright said at an October 2013 hearing, a transcript shows. “This is a dangerous enterprise.”

Last February, one of Wright’s Central District of California judicial colleagues rejected the club’s effort to disqualify him.

The Mongols similarly failed in their lawsuit against Holder, in which they claimed the asset forfeiture would “unconstitutionally infringe on the club’s First Amendment rights.” Four months after the suit was filed, Wright dismissed it.

“They are operating under the banner of the Mongols,” Wright said at the October 2013 hearing. “It is that name, that reputation, that intimidation factor which enables them to do what they do, isn’t it?” 
Read the full article at McClatchy DC HERE

The Mongols MC says Freedom of Speech and the right to be who they are is at stake. 

When you look at the three very different stories:
The Mongols MC and their fight for their patch and what prosecutors & judges say about the patch...
The fact the judges are stating that the patch is a tool of intimidation in places like Illinois and one of the only arguments that the US prosecutors has in the collective association membership mark case is the violence and threat the patch intimates, it makes one wonder if the shootings in Waco weren't premeditated...all part of a grand scheme to be able to point to violence as it relates to patches.

It's not that far fetched of an idea.

So many mainstream media reports and statements from the police say the same things about the Waco shootings, rival gang tensions over bottom rockers caused this.

Here is but one example:
Read the Waco Trib article HERE
Just Google it, there are many more just like it.

But when you read articles like this one from The Conservative Treehouse:

Or this one from Fox news that contradicts what police are saying about who was shot:

You quickly realize there is potentially a lot more to the situation in Waco than meets the eye.

Is Waco and the violence there going to be used as part of the prosecution's will be interesting to see how this plays out but KNOW THIS...

If the government is successful in confiscating the collective association membership mark of the Mongols MC, then every motorcycle club, every riding and social club is threatened.  

Truly, we are are already threatened.

I believe that the writing is on the wall, it has been for a long time. 

Motorcycle Clubs have got to go in the eyes of law enforcement and government.

Even here in Canada, MC's are not permitted to wear their cuts in most liquor establishments, in many cities there is a ban on wearing patches on city property (Grande Prairie AB has such a bylaw) and MC's and many RC's are singled out for special attention like being photographed at toy runs, both rider and license plate.

If we do not collectively defend our rights of association & free speech, the next thing you know it will become illegal to be a biker, a rider a motorcyclist. By that I mean, you will be harassed, your time will be wasted, valuable tax dollars will go to more police and police operations...

It appears to me, that we the people, have allowed the rights and freedoms that our veterans and serving members of the military have fought for be downgraded and diminished here at home by not defending our rights.

Remember folks that the legal system is no justice system and only those with very deep pockets and lots of patience seem to win.

What say you?

If you are blessed to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you. I recommend dressing for the slide and not the ride.

Belt Drive Betty 
Editor & Rider

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  1. Something that seems to be missing from all the news reports is how many of the nine dead were shot by police.

  2. The report from The Conservative Treehouse claims all 9 were shot by police and one was not a "gang" member but that he was a purple heart recipient

  3. George Mason must be rolling over in his grave