In the aftermath of the shootout in Waco Texas, I have to ask myself and the men I call friends why they would want to wear a 3 piece patch, even here in Canada where there are not so many people, and there are gun laws in place?

(Not that gun laws make us safer, but guns are more expensive and more difficult to obtain, both legally and on the street here in Canada)

Is brotherhood as represented by a 3 piece motorcycle club patch really worth dying for?

If you claim to be law abiding, allow police or not, claim you have no territory and big money or big business is not on your radar, then riddle me this...

WHY would you want to put yourself in a position of having to defend that patch with your life? 

If there is no money, no medals, no health benefits, no job, no country flag to defend, no true compensation as in the army, then why?  

Brotherhood, can that really be all there is to it? 

I remember the biker wars in Quebec, a lot of people died, brothers, sons, husbands, uncles...their families forever altered by their choices and decisions.

My heart aches for the mothers. 

The shooting in Waco Texas, again shows us that there are motorcycle clubs willing to do just that, lay down their lives for the patch they wear and the bond they share with their brothers.

The Scimitars MC, Cossacks MC,Gypsy MC and at least three other clubs are shown below in photos from a Huffington post article...
Gypsy MC members (Huffington Post)
Cossacks' MC Members (Huffington Post)

 Member of Veterans MC
and 2 other patches
There have been numerous video reports on the incident and depending on which side of the equation you are on, these are just good old boys who got into a disagreement, or they are criminals.

Only you can decide who is telling the truth and which agenda aligns with you morals.
If you are a club member how does this situation make you feel?
How does this situation make you as a  riding club member feel? What goes through your mind?

So - what say you?

If you are riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you.
There have already been far to many motorcycle crashes this year.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. IMHO .. it's something that is ingrained in us at a primal level. The want and need to be part of a clan. To be able to establish ourselves simply by visual cues. As Motorcycle riders we all know the feeling on a very basic level but to MC members it is on a higher level.

    Me? .. Three Piece Patch .. not for me... I'm too old and can't committ what it should tale to earn the colours.

    Only the idividual can make that determination.

    Should LEO make asumptions made on how someone is dressed? ... If anything I believe that they should relax when they see a group riding with cuts because rule number one, I believe is , Don't bring disrespect or heat on the club!

    I have always been more comfortable around clubs wearing their cuts. I know hwo they are and what they stand for.