A number of months ago while I was dealing with a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue and benign tumours I was struggling with how to manage Belt Drive Betty Media and everything we provide for riders.
On top of the work load, 2015 has been one heck of a year, my mother died, I said goodbye to an aunt with brain cancer, my husband crashed his truck, I lost several good friends to a variety of things like motorcycle crashes. The court case with Sturgis North/Canada is dragging on and on with zero movement....

I have been tired, worn out and feeling used up for quite a while...

We do a lot of charitable and non profit work in this community and I love doing it.  I live to do it.
I needed to find a better way of balancing things. Being a small company with only 2 staff, it has become harder to do and with me so sick, well let's just say it's been a rough, rough go. (Poor Ali)


I am a dreamer, a determined dreamer.  I know that what you focus on is what you get and I also know that there is an answer to every challenge.

One night, after meditating on the issue before me, I had a dream that changed my outlook on everything.

In the dream I relaunched the Busted Knuckle Chronicles in print format, going right back to the roots of the paper.  The dream held all the answers to the challenges I had faced in the past with distribution and printing issues...

With a renewed sense of purpose, I set about learning all about how to provide a team of territory publishers the content, the tools & the resources to print the community news that would pertain to their region. I figured out how to make it financially viable  and rewarding for everyone who wanted to be a part of it.

And then Ali and I set about getting everything put together....

And so, I am proud to announce that "The BKC News Bytes" is ready to launch!

Beginning in December of 2015 The Busted Knuckle Chronicles News Bytes will begin hitting a pub, coffee shop or waiting room near you!

Here is the Sample Paper on the left....

This is how we started out - EXACTLY!

All those years ago (14 to be exact), I could not wrap my head around distribution or the right method of print, after all I was just learning.  But now, well, I have learned a lot, met a lot of people and have finally been able to put together a win, win, win package that serves everyone well.

With a national print agreement with Staples and territory publishers who are on contract that can earn great income, we now have an even bigger, broader way to serve the riding community.

The BKC News Bytes is filled with small news bytes of the bigger stories provided by the national paper, The Busted Knuckle Chronicles.

These small stories are of local, regional, national and international flavour covering topics from motorcycle charity events and the good works that riders do every day of the week to information on new products, motorcycles and a more!

The Thoughts to Ponder section of the paper is filled with things that will make you go HMMMM...

The upcoming events for YOUR community and region are powered by our National Events Calendars at

"All Things Canadian" by my beaver mascot, Road Trip Rita provides you with interesting tidbits on Canada and its people.

 The Funny Bone is jokes, family friendly jokes that an 8 year old can tell his grandma without getting his mouth washed out with soap!

Belt Drive Betty's Word Search, put pen to paper and occupy yourself while you are waiting for your meal, you car, your appointment!

We have currently have 7 territory publishers, (the 5 below plus one new person who is being trained and myself).
Between all of us we are slated to be opening 64 distribution territories by the end of March 2015!

Our goal is to be in 200+ territories by the end of March 2016.  
(A distribution territory is 50,000 people or more in size)

Our first distribution regions are: All of Vancouver Island (10 territories), 13 territories in the Fraser Valley, 15 territories in Alberta, 16 territories in Saskatchewan and 10 territories in Ontario!

Just like in the old days when the Busted Knuckle Chronicles was in print here in GP before Canada Post and huge distribution issues forced us to go on line...riders will once again be getting the news they need in a nice quick read, non riders will be learning about all of the good things we riders do...advertisers will be getting benefit of local marketing to an appreciative audience (after all, who wants to be bored while waiting for a meal or an appointment).

If you would like to know more about how to become a contracted territory publisher please contact me, I'd be happy to share this opportunity with you.  bdbetty @  (fix the spaces)

If you want to know more about being a distribution location or about advertising in the paper in your community or region contact one of our territory publishers today!

We at Belt Drive Betty Media are all looking forward to this new direction and the expanded opportunities it provides to our company and the people who join us!

Have a BLESSED Day everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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