My ex husband's Jet Car - the Green Mamba was stolen last week. It was found last night, chopped into pieces. The chassis is in three pieces and the body work is in rough shape.
The J46 Westinghouse Power Plant is MISSING!
This car was not just my ex husband's "life force" - it was his only means of making a living.
Doug is an double below the knee amputee. Many will remember Doug as the pilot of the Green Monster Jet Car owned by Walt and Art Arfons. In 1966 Doug crashed the Monster and lost both legs below the knee. In 1968 he began running his own car - the Green Mamba and has done so for 29 years!
The loss of income is devestating enough, how is he going to replace the car to get his ability to earn an income back? Loosing that engine, let's put it this way - they haven't made the J46 for a very long time. They are rare and expensive these days.
Read the article linked below....
It's Christmas time and Doug will be celebrating his 69th birthday on the 6th of December and I know I'm an ex wife and this may come off a tad wierd but - damned it all no one and I mean no one deserves to have their livelyhood stolen and destroyed - it's just plain wrong, not to mention he is my daughter's father, so, Suzie is going to do something up for the site with a pay pal donation button.

If any of you can help Doug and his wife Jeannie out, I'd be greatful.
If you live in the Tampa area and can lend a hand I know he'll need tons of help to get the race car re built in time for the rest of his show dates.
Doug and Jeannie can be contacted at: (813) 935-0793

There's not much else I can do but put it out there and ask the biker community to help out on both sides of the border -
BD Betty

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