In the next day or so Suzie should have the 2007 events pages updated yet again! One hundred events are already set for you to book your holidays and your long weekends around!
We have cleaned out the 2006 posters and are accepting submissions of 2007 posters and already have some loaded.
We have added some new photo albums to the gallery.
Check out:
:the Rider Friendly Businesses Album
Raz's Tattoo Studio
:the Bike Events
The Hogs on the Highs Seas Cruise 2006
:the Biker Weddings Album
Randy and Sheri have some honeyoom pictures added and they are still in Maui! (Lucky dogs missing this coldddddd weather!)
:the CAV Members and their doings
we added Remembrance Day Photos!
Remember when in the photo gallery hit the Home button to display all 1726 pictures displayed in 110 photo albums!

Raz's Tattoo is moving to a new location here in Grande Prairie and he is throwing a bit of a party! December 1st from 11am until 6pm with artist signings and wine and cheese...sounds like a great opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done!

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