For all those who subscribe to the news paper and have emails, I sent out some newsletters.

I am just getting used to the new administration tools so I apologize if you got more than one!

Advertisers are a key ingredient to why we have this monster web site with so many tools.
Because of them there are now forums, chat rooms, free photo galleries, free on line classifieds - you get the idea!

Because so many web users are unhappy with their current providers we decided to develop into our very own, Canadian Content Groups site.

You can talk with potential members for your riding club or web based group or you can host your group here. Period. The choice is yours and we are NOT trying to step on any ones toes.

We don't want to take over your groups or have any control over them, we merely want to provide our membership with every possible way to communicate their club or group message.

When you sign up as a member/subscriber to the paper, we want to know the group/s you ride with so that we can associate the right avatar with your membership.

We want to celebrate the diversity of the riding community and make sure every rider is hooked up with the information that they want and need.

We want to be your clearinghouse of information for all things riding in Canada.

Your subscription to the Busted Knuckle at
automatically gives you access to all of the member only tools on both web sites.

The free 3rd Birthday Celebration On line subscriptions end soon.

Just a note to all who have gotten a free subscription, I will be emailing everyone to get your mailing addresses and contact information so that we can send out your membership cards.

Your membership cards are your passport to savings so use them well!

Talk to you all soon....
Belt Drive Betty

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