We acquired a web site called
"Riders in need have a friend indeed"

It's a web site about riders who are willing to help out when you are broke down on the road.
Ali and I will start revamping that site and trying to get more riders involved with helping each other out. It all started when I asked for a link on that site! Peter asked me and Ali to take it over.

I have emailed all of the members there and invited them over to

It is my hope to add all of those who wish to be part of our riders phone book (Belt Drive Betty's Little Black Book for Canadian Riders).

To that end We are going to offer this:

For $35.00 you get your name and a phone number (email as well if you have one) added to our phone book for the city/town you are from in the phone book.

You also get a copy of the phone book mailed to you.

If you think it's a good idea, let me know at

Stay safe out there....
BD Betty

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