While sifting through the news feeds this morning I came across a real gem!

Mark Harrell, owner of Harrell's Car Wash Systems, a 70-employee operation that operates, builds and sells car-wash systems in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio has invented the first automated motorcycle wash system! Moto Express Wash. The prototype is running in Speedway, and patents are pending.

"It's being tested at Harrell's own business, Dirt Stripper Car Wash at 4980 Crawfordsville Road. He's nearly ready to move forward with production and says that by spring, the wash should be in place at car washes nationwide.
The timing is right for Harrell's invention. Nearly 24 million people in the U.S. own motorcycles, a number that continues to climb as gasoline prices rise.
The response to the invention so far has been incredible, especially since Harrell got a one-of-a-kind endorsement from the king of custom motorcycles, Paul Teutul Sr., star of TLC's hit show "American Chopper." Teutul featured the wash on an August episode."
Motorcycles are safely secured before entering the automated, touch-free wash. -
JAMES YEE / The Star

It looks pretty sweet to me and I can see this particular invention going places big time!

I am heading out this morning to the Edson toy run, lots of people from the Grande Prairie region are going to the Peace River Toy matter what run you are attending in these dying days of the 2008 riding season, please ride like they are out to get you and be safe out there.

Belt Drive Betty

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