What is important to you as a voter?

Who catches your interest in this upcoming Canadian election?

What party exemplifies your ideals and desires?

Which leader, which party can you trust?

How are American politics and their election going to affect Canada?

So many questions - no answers.

The leaders will debate, they will glad hand and kiss babies in an attempt to show you they are just like you - but are they? Really?

There is not one politician in this election that makes me feel like they are going to do a decent job in this country, so what to do?

I wish that there was a lobbying group for motorcyclists issues. I wish that we could find a leader that thought like a rider....but the closest thing to a rider we have is the PM's wife...I wonder if she has any influence and how could we get her to bring some our visible minority issues to the table?

I know I will vote, but at this moment there is no one catching my heart or imagination. It will be entertaining at the very least to see what the leaders say in the this is probably where I will decide who I am voting for.

The future of our country and it's economic situation rest with the election - who inspires you? Why?

I'd love some help in choosing who to vote for!

Stay safe out there....

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Well Betty.....since you asked...I deserve an question about it.
    I, like yourself, really have no favorite leader in this race. I will confess...I'm a die hard Conservative...!!!! Harper is a very smart guy...but he doesn't have pizzaz...Day is an inexperienced guy...but he has pizazz and charisma.
    The rest of the guys running as party leaders...should really consider another carreer for they do not know what they are talkng about... Sure US bashing is easy and simple but where will it lead us..... to no food ... no homes....!!!! Pure and simple....!!!
    Many people are wondering why Harper has called an election now, knowing full well he can't get a majority gov't.... They say what's the point... Well in my view Harper is the most astute Leader Canada has known since our Famous Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Harper knows what he's doing...The man was born to lead... here is my take ...
    If he waits till legislated election time....then maybe , just maybe, the Liberals would have had time to get organized...alhtough that's not even a remote possiblity...!!!
    If he waits longer, the economy is going to get a lot tougher and tank over the next few months with hoards of people losing their jobs and homes... Nothing he's responsible for...just World economics...
    He'e always wanted to lead the country and he's done a good job.... given all our
    If he hanged on to power in the current parliament..he would have no problem bringing the parliamentary session to term and being the First and only Canadian Prime Minister to run a full minority governemet term. As it stands now, he's the first Canadian Prime minister to last as long with a minority government...Something to be said for the man whose mother called him Stephen...!!!!
    Should the American election influence what we do here on our own turff...hell no !!!!

    The liberals and democrats are so far to the left that you might want to consider them Lenninists.!
    Enough said on this subject...!!!!

    Do I have a favorite in this election: Yes Stephen Harper
    Why: OK he has no social graces, is akward in dealing with might think...he can learn...but I doubt it..You cannot teach an old monkey new tricks...
    But one thing I know...he delivered on what he promised... Here's my take on it...