Did any of you read the news on our web site today?

As a practice I comb the news across Canada and around the world to provide a "Clipping" service for riders. My goal - to bring attention to what's going on with Canadian riders.

Well today there is an article in the Hamilton Spectator about some A-HOLE who stole a motorcycle and left the rider who had just crashed it to die and die he did.

What in the HE Double Hockey Sticks is wrong with this world?

You see a rider and his bike laying on the side of the road, and you steal his bike without looking to see if you can help him? You don't even call 911?

I'm sorry people but this story has my blood boiling.
Someone took it "while the man was lying there," said Norfolk OPP spokesperson Constable Jeff Walraven.

Officers say the man was riding north on Indian Line between Villa Nova Road and Concession 2, Townsend, and was seriously injured when the machine went into a ditch and the rider was thrown.

An SUV with several people inside stopped, and one man got out and stole the motorcycle. Anyone with information about the SUV or the man who rode the motorcycle away is asked to call investigators at 1-888-310-1122.

I hope someone comes forward and that the whole SUV of people goes to jail - can you say DISGUSTING?

Please people - ride safe out there.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Hard to believe and shocking to see such senseless cruelty. Where have all the good people gone?