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Motorcycles And The Culture They Inspire

USA - Motorcycles And The Culture They Inspire
1868-2017by LJ James

Many of the "facts" in this story are based on Legend and Myth as much of the history of the Motorcycle and it's Culture was lost in the great rebellion of 2057.

Taken from a history book in the year 2095…

Motorcycles And The Culture They Inspire 1868-2017Motorcycles started out as steam engines strapped on to bicycles in 1868. Soon after the gas engine took its place in the 1900's there were Motorcycle shops and Dealers all over the World. For awhile, Motorcycle were simply used as transportation. In 1907, when Henry Fords, Ford Motor Company, released the Model-T at a price everyone could afford, the Motorcycle soon went from a necessity to a luxury item.

The writer goes on to express his feelings on the demise of the motorcycle and its culture.
Very similar feelings are expressed by him - to the feelings I expressed in an article I wrote 2 years ago.

By the time the Bikers realized how much they were connected and needed each other, it was too late. Their numbers were certainly sufficient to achieve victory, but their failure to come together as Brothers and Sisters and work for the common good ultimately spelled their demise. Had they been victorious, it may have been enough to stop all of the oppression and tyranny that soon followed.

History is full of stories just like this one, over and over again. The ones who love and honor Freedom the most are taken down first and the rest fall like dominoes. Until the rebellion of 2057, we as a Global Society did not realize how important it was to put aside our differences. It may have taken awhile, but we finally figured it out…Just in time!

Now this is an American writing this but I look here in Canada and I see the same crap happening here. Everyone wants to do their own thing, no one wants to work together on the issues that affect all of us.

Every weekend we have a new bar or a new charity that see motorcyclists as a mean to an end.
They host events without considering what else is going on in the motorcycle community and what other cause or charity they might be hurting.They want to line their coffers with our money - I call it getting on the motorcycle band wagon. Will they be there to support us when the crunch comes - a few will; maybe, but most will just move on to the next fad or craze and forget us and what we did to help their community or cause.

Bikers/Riders/Motorcycle Enthusiast, Weekend Warrior - no matter what you call yourself - we tend to be A type personalities...independent thinkers and lovers of freedom.

And while that is wonderful it can also cause the problems noted in LJ James' article.

We DO need to learn to work together. It is vital and imperative that we do.
Our community will be legislated right out of existence if we don't watch out.

Its already happening in the USA - as population densities increase, and noise pollution becomes a bigger and bigger issue - Rallies with 60 year histories are being shut down - why? Predominantly - NOISE.

If enough non riders squawk we will see aftermarket pipes, performance modifications and the like become illegal. Whole segments of the aftermarket industry will fall, badly leaving thousands out of work and the rest of us riding stock machines.

Whether we as individuals understand how politics work or not - politics is what is going to bring this community to its knees if we don't stand united - if we don't use a little common sense and a little bit of consideration and courtesy.

And that's what I see in my little crystal ball, like the Native Indian of the North American Continent - a once proud and vibrant culture that had survived all natures of violence, disease and war - politics brought them to their knees - all but wiped them out and why? Because the various tribes wouldn't work together.

History as Bro LJ James' says, is repeating itself, the writing is on the wall.
So, the 64 million dollar question is - what are we going to do about it?
Let it happen or start learning how to work together?

Each individual needs to make a choice - is this way of life something we want preserved and how do we want it preserved? In history books or on the highways?

Your thoughts are always welcome....
Ride safe and be smart and have a blast....

Belt Drive Betty

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