I'm home safe and sound after my weekend in Onoway for Dave & Carmel's Wedding.

We had an absolute ball! I can't wait for you to see what a spectacle the wedding was! It was exactly what they promised - a wedding unlike you have ever seen before!

The cold and the rain were so worth it!

I have a question for you....have you ever ridden your motorcycle on a highway/public roadway at speeds over 200 kph?

Well, a couple of guys, one clocked at 243 in Ontario and one clocked at over 260 are finding out that excessive speeding costs - big time!

What are your thoughts on speeds like these on our roadways?

I hope you stay safe out there. There were a lot of Sheriffs out here in Alberta, and I am sure police services everywhere will be out in full force.

Speeding isn't the only thing that will get you in trouble today. There will be a lot of people heading home so please, ride like they are out to get you!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Speed is never a good thing unless you are on a track specifically designed for racing.
    I remember clocking speeds of 180 KPH in my younger days on a Kawasaki 900..(It was blue in color). I still remember that bike..
    Will I ever clock these kind of speeds now... No way... There are too many safety factors and issues to consider, especially other road users, who might just get hurt by my speeding if something was to go wrong