The AIM Boogie Bash this past weekend reportedly suffered from low attendance.
A number of factors contributed to the lower than hoped for attendance not the least of which was a venue and date change.

Many did not attend as they thought the weather would be bad - and there was a rumored boycott of the venue not the event. Apparently some of the local riders have a beef with the new owners of 8 Mile Ranch - now named Heartland Ranch - anyway - these people thought they'd hurt the venue owners when in fact all they did was hurt AIM-Can and all of the vendors.

So, I ask you all this:

Do you have any idea what it is like to host an event that is meant as a fundraiser only to loose money?

Do you realize that whether or not you attend an event the organizers still have to pay for the rental of the site, port o potties, security, advertising, entertainment and insurance?

Do you realize that whether you attend or not the volunteers are still required to be there as are the vendors and the entertainers.

It takes months and thousands of hours to organize an event that is meant to enhance our community. When the community doesn't show up it is devastating to the organizers - volunteers burn out and become deflated and pretty soon there are no events to go to because no one wants to put in the effort.

I agree that we have a lot of events going on. Hence why we started the community events calendars 5 years ago. This tool is meant to help organizers to not step on each others toes and to give the rider a great tool for planning holidays and weekends.

I hope to see even more people using this resource over the coming months and years.
Then perhaps we can eliminate some of the over booking that's been happening and ensure that our community has good events to go to for a long time to come.

Working together we all benefit....

Just my 2 bits worth....

Ride safe

Belt Drive Betty

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