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Things are getting NASTY in Sturgis.

There are two Sturgis' one in Kentucky and one in South Dakota. The Sturgis South Dakota Chamber of Commerce is suing the Sturgis Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

The "Little Sturgis Rally" name is at the heart of it all - or is it? According to the event web sites, the Little Sturgis Rally has donated over $2 million dollars to local charities since 2003 - an average of $400k per year. In 2008 15,799 people attended the rally.

The Sturgis South Dakota Chamber has donated $60k in the last 2 years. Keeping in mind the money from the Sturgis Chamber is raised from t-shirt sales and sales other “officially” licensed merchandise. Over 400K people attended the Sturgis SD Rally.
The Sturgis SD Chamber of Commerce wants to keep their financial dealings with Harley-Davidson private.

Jack Hoel of Sturgis SD is the son of Pappy Hoel, the man who started the rally. He was quoted in the Courier Press as saying: "I think it's shameful," Hoel said. "The chamber of commerce does nothing for the rally. The only thing they do is try to sell their logo."

The City of Sturgis itself is doing everything it can to distance itself from this lawsuit.

So what really is at the heart of this lawsuit? Is the Sturgis SD Chamber trying to hide where the money goes or are they really trying to protect their logo?

The two logos are nothing alike.

Both locales are named Sturgis.....

So - what do you think is going on? Enquiring minds want to know!

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