We have heard that whatever happens in Ontario will eventually filter down and affect the rest of Canada.

I hope and pray that that is NOT the case here.

Bill 117 went to its second reading and debate in the Ontario Legislature and passed.
You remember - the bill to prevent kids under 14 being allowed on the back of a motorcycle...
So, two more steps and this private members bill will become law.

There is discussion that since the legislature will be closing for Christmas that this bill might not be carried forward - that's about the only hope the rest of us in Canada who ride will have to see this bill stopped.

So, with all the riders who have been up in arms over this - over 900 on Face book etc...why did this bill pass?

Because riders didn't show up to voice their concerns yesterday. The vocal majority showed up in full force though and as we all know - the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
How many riders were on hand? FOUR.

Hell - there were more riders in London England that showed up to protest parking charges for motorcycles than there were in Ontario to protect our lifestyle here.

Our brothers and sisters in Ontario have dropped the ball and if this bill does not die by being left behind over Christmas then guess what boys and girls - eventually - everywhere in Canada this will become a law - its the way of Canada - Ontario and Quebec hold the majority of power so the rest of get screwed. Sigh - it saddens me that our community very rarely bands together to support each other. It will be the death of the biker/rider way of life here in Canada.
Good old Canadian Complacency at its finest.

Enough depressing crap for now...

More prizes have been offered up for our Beat the PMS Blues Show 'n' Shine:

A $50 gift certificate from Northgate Honda
Riders Ranch - Kitchener BC - A nights free camping
Grande Prairie Regional Tourism - A back pack full of goodies

Yes the business community is liking the idea of a winter show n shine - hope you - the riders do too!

Ali has got all of our content coming back on line and soon all of our news and funny stuff, all of our lifestyles info like event articles, music, food etc will be back....actually if you look at the bottom of your profile page you will see that Lifestyles and Funny stuff are already back...

YEAH - finally - its been a rough month but we have gotten through it and I thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we resolved these issues.

Anyway - back to work for me...

Stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. so puzzle me this

    say I have a 12 yr old son or daughter and I live on the Island...

    and say I decide that for summer holidays I will take that child in my passenger seat of my motorcycle on the ride of a the East Coast and back...

    will this mean that I have to "skip" ON?

    does this mean that all the families that ride together from the USA will no longer spend their tourism dollars in ON because they feel unwelcome?