Riding in Asia must be one of the ultimate challenges a rider could face. I have never had the good fortune to be able to ride anywhere else but North America so all I can do is imagine - I have seen videos of people riding there and think it looks crazy and dangerous but hell I'd be up for it. I can only imagine what sharing the road with that many people and animals must be like - chaotic?

Is that a good word for it…I think so.

I am an adventurer at heart - I think most who ride motorcycles are.
If I had the financial where with all one place I'd love to ride is Australia. Although not as challenging perhaps as Asia - Australia is one country I have always wanted to see and one day I will.

Baron's Life’s' post expresses once again how lucky we here in North America are, but I reiterate that we NEED to protect our freedoms - we can't take them for granted.

As far as my having responsibilities that others don’t – I guess you are right and maybe you are right that no one wants to hear about the challenges being faced by myself– they really only want to know what I can do for them…

So what can I do for the average biker?

I can help them to educate themselves by showing them the news headlines in other communities – when we look at what other towns are doing, what other riders are doing it can help us in our own communities.

I can help them to communicate. The newspaper – the Busted Knuckle Chronicles let’s riders from across Canada share their community stories with others – it is Rider Powered news.

I can help them entertain themselves – the on line show ‘n’ shine, photo contests etc are one way we do that and the other is by having kick assed events calendars that one can plan holidays and weekends by.

I can help them by promoting the community events, the charitable causes and showcasing great businesses and people.

I can do many things to help my fellow rider and my community - I can and do - all of the above.

Sometimes my posts here in my blog may come across as whining – I get that – some days I feel like whining – I have some pretty aggressive dreams for this community and sometimes I get so very frustrated and feel like I am never going to accomplish what I set out to. Yet I know without a doubt that my telling people of the challenges I am facing helps me too…Because of people like you who take the time to either post here, or send me private emails or call me – you all keep me on track – on course. You help me to keep it real and while sometime’s the comments sting – they always help me re examine where I am and where I need to go.

I work alone in my office about 16 hours a day – and when you are alone that many hours in a day – you can feel overwhelmed and daunted – frustrated and discouraged. There’s no one to bounce ideas off of – no one to help me see beyond my own blinders…

You Baron’s Life – and the others who write or phone me – you are my sounding board and you are far more valuable to me with your constructive criticisms and comments than you will ever know.

So – keep it coming – slam my ass when it needs it – help me keep my big girl panties on and help me stay the course and to always do the right thing. I am here to serve my community but without your feed back and input I can only do what I think is right.

Keep helping me keep it real, I DO appreciate it.

The whining did net me a rider who is an office administrator and all because one person who read of my frustrations and challenges picked up the phone and called a friend. Now I have Lori working with me. What a gift!

Sometimes you have to ask for help and I am so glad I did.

As far as marketing goes – come January we will be going hard at that – just waiting on a few kinks and quirks to be worked out on the web site.
The Rider Friendly Phone Book for Western Canada is in print as we speak and will be ready for the bike shows – our little crew is attending 5 out of 5 of the January shows - Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and Vancouver….

One final note; before I get my sorry ass back to work….my spelling doesn’t suck any worse than yours does! LOL!

Stay Safe and Warm….

Belt Drive Betty

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