I have been feeling rather overwhelmed due to the fact that I have not been able to find staff here in GP. I am feeling more hopeful today than I have in a while.

Remember the post where I said I need an office manager disguised as a pit bull...well, because of my friend Wyz, I may have just found her.

Three weeks ago Wyz talked to her friend Laurie, asked her if she knew anyone who could help me. Laurie had a friend looking for work and she and Sophie came to meet with me, Sophie was looking for work but her physical challenges precluded her coming in to try it out.

Anyway Laurie decided she liked what I was doing and she loves riding - so, beginning today she starts training. I am so grateful and thankful to have the opportunity to have someone helping out around here! I look forward to being able to do more in fewer hours and regaining some balance in my life - that is going to be WONDERFUL!

I am looking forward to building our community tools and making this site and everything we do grow into a well oiled machine. One day we will have the team we need to become a registered non profit society, one day....

My crash bars are coming home today - they had a date with the powder coater - they should be coming home all black and sleek looking...and in the next week or so my tour pack goes in to my airbrush artist for a bit of a face lift.

What plans do you have for your favorite side kick this winter?

The show 'n' shine over on is gaining momentum!
About a dozen bikes in so far! There are some great prizes up for grabs too!

A RideInn cover, Red Deer Motorcycle Show packages that include 3 nights Hotel, free entry into their motorcycle show and a chance to win some cash PLUS VIP passes that allow you time to hob nob with Kendall Johnson and Paul Cox! Tickets to Toad Rock, Tickets to the Pig n Fin.... Boutique of Leathers is offering up some prizes - I'll have those details next week!

I figure if you can't be riding, maybe drooling over each others bike pictures will help with the PMS blues.... Anyway - time to get back to work...hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

Stay safe and warm,

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Hi,
    I've been away on business and hence no comments were posted...but let me tell you why I do post on your site...because when I do get a chance to read your posts...I feel they are genuine...I feel your passion for the riding community through your words, simple but yet,not naive approach to life as a rider.
    I rode two wheels, basically all over Asia and most specifically in Taipei,Taiwan and in Singapore and in Malaysia and in New Delhi and in Bombay...currently named Mumbay...why... the name change...heck...I do not know....!!!
    Your first thoughts must be ... He's Asian... No I'm a white guy...Originally from Montreal, as I told you B4, moved and worked in Asia for over a decade, then moved to Vancouver BC... Betty..You think, we have road and traffic issues, Cops after us... in try some Asian roads and rules.....
    You need to ride on the road amongst pedetrians, cyclists, motorcycles and yes... Vespas carrying five or more people on the trip, roaming chickens, ducks, cows, donkeys, children, peopele, trucks, cars, overloaded busses and taxis on the wrong side of the street. Everyone honking their horns for no obvious reason...except perhaps for the only musical relief available that day...and you have to do this at 100 miles an least it feels that way. I'm sure the actual speed is more like 50 K/hour... but the enormity of it all makes it feel like you are actually going at 100 miles an hour.
    So the point is ridnig in north america is so entirely different from riding anywhere else in the world...I'm sure, you know that. We are so fortunate here as riders...we are pussycats...with a few tough guys/gals trying to show off.. I would challenge them to ride or try to ride in We'll see how farthese tatoos get them... lol
    Now you gonna ask...why is he telling me this? do I need to know this? how does it relate to my post? hell I'm confused
    Well Sista...take it easy... u r an educated women with responsibilities, (although your spelling,) most of us do not running a paper and trying to build a riding community and you can succeed... but right signs of it. Why...? you need to market the business... no-0ne is interested in hearing what problems you have or had today.... Everyone wants to know how you can help them...!!!!
    Otherwise, they just stop reading your posts and say Sista...Thanks but no thanks...Sanyonara...!!!!
    I really think you have something going there and you can make it interesting to everyone in the riding community and not just Locally....Keep up the Good Work.
    Hope the crash bars work out OK.... I'm going to try a Singapore to Vietnam ride soon.
    Cheers and keep well