Sorry for the fact that I didn't post anything yesterday - don't pay the ransom - I escaped.
I took a mental health day.

Just got this week's newspaper done - some good stories in there. I love Sunday - composing day. It's an interesting puzzle to put together that newspaper is!

I need a wee bit of help - do you like looking at pictures of bikes? Are you a proud Canadian?

I sponsored a small Canadian Flag Contest on the Delphi Riders Forum Canadian Riders and the pictures are now loaded in an album in my photo gallery. I need to determine a winner for this little contest and your help would be invaluable! I would appreciate it if you could look at the pictures and rate them. To rate a picture just click on the thumbnail, the picture will open full screen and on the bottom right hand side you'll see Rate It - there are five stars - choose how many stars you think the picture deserves and voila - you are done!

Our on line show 'n' shine already has entries in it - we have some great prizes up for grabs!

I finally got the bulk of the riding club links back up and active - we are up to 440 live Canadian web sites and or forums! Came across a few we didn't have and added them. I know that there are more out there and I intend to find every one that I can. If you know of a riding club or event web site that we don't have listed - add it - it's easy and it helps us all!

The 2009 events calendars are already shaping up nicely - quite a number of events even have their posters done!

It looks like the 2009 riding season is going to be absolutely positively wonderful and busy.
By the looks of those calendars - I will be praying for is high gasoline prices like this last summer.
I know - it's goofy to actually say that - but traveling in the mountains without all those motor homes was awful sweet!

Anyway - for those of you who live where its warm and you are riding and you are writing me to ensure I know you are riding - YOU SUCK - I mean that in a nice way - really... I am GREEN with envy.

For the rest of us poor buggers left with day dreaming and detailing...enter the show 'n' shine, drool and day dream some more - stay warm and safe!

Belt Drive Betty

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