The news can sometimes prove interesting especially when you feel you have a bit of a connection to it.

There's an article this morning out of Laval Quebec regarding a lawyer who is been arrested - accused of trying to bribe police officers among other things.

One of the conditions of his release is to stay away from certain Montreal/Laval "mobsters" and certain restaurants, bars and businesses.

One of those businesses named in his release is Montreal Choppers. Now a couple of years ago Hubby and I were in Laval for the Tattoo & Bike show and to visit his parents and we had the opportunity to meet the gang from Montreal Choppers. The one young gent reminded my husband, who grew up in Laval, of the wise guys he knew of and heard of when he was a kid.
I told him he was wrong - he's just a young guy feeling his oats and being a bit brash to try and fit in. I told him just because he's Italian you should not label him or assume...

The young man was so friendly and out going but very stereotypical - he's Italian (good looking) and he acted like he's a wise guy, so now it appears my hubby's instincts could be very well right.
Go figure huh.

In other news they are proposing a stepping up of motorcycle licensing requirements in the UK.

They are proposing to split the testing into two separate parts - one requiring you to do the obstacle and crash avoidance segment and the other involving an eye exam and 35 minutes of following you while you ride in traffic to see how you interact with other motorists....

In UK motorcyclists make up 1% of the roadway traffic but 20% of the deaths that happen on those roadways.

In Ontario the private members bill to restrict kids 14 and under from being on a motorcycle as a passenger goes to a second reading next week. If that bill is allowed to go through that will certainly dampen family plans for many riders in 2009. And typical - the gal who introduced the bill doesn't ride...interestingly enough according to the article - the region of York which is where the MP who introduced the bill is from - has only had one motorcycle accident this past season - involving a 30 year old. Is this a career building move for the MP? I think so and it's sure getting her the attention as motorcyclists across the country have been making their displeasure heard!

Today is Thanksgiving for our American Brothers and Sisters -
Our web mistress Ali is from the US originally and along with hubby Gator, she will be taking the day to be with family and friends - I hope its a good one filled with lots of love.

I am going back to work now before the bag I work for tells me I have to....stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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