Have you ever wondered about how police officers get disciplined?

Well it appears that at least one region of Ontario has decided to share that information with the rest of us.

Now - once you read what their punishments were compared to their "Crimes" you tell me if you or I would get the same treatment...

Now - CST. Nagy was caught after he hit an SUV and ran a red light - doing a 12o mph and had reportedly been drinking. - he got: $1,000 fine, lost his license for a year and was demoted to second class constable for 9 months and received a pay cut of $7,595 . He still has his job - even though he can't drive, even though he now has a criminal record for dangerous driving and leaving the scene....

The other officer - he was charged for threatening his wife - he got 160 hour of his pay docked (just shy of $7,200) and conditional discharge with 18 months probation - if he completes probation successfully he gets NO criminal record.

OK - so both of these officers pleaded guilty - they were disciplined - but does the discipline match what you or I as Joe Q Citizen would get?

No - I think not...but that's just me.

Your thoughts on the subject.....

Stay warm and safe

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Well Betty....haven't you learnt yet how liberal democracy works...???
    Need I say more?