I was on the Myrtle Beach forum on Topix today, looking to see what's going on with the bike weeks scheduled for May of 09.

The anger, frustration and down right hostility is incredible.
The racism is so palpable it's sickening. The lack of compassion or understanding is frightening.

Why do people think they need to be cruel to each other in order to get their point across?

There is absolutely a polarization of opinion and the hatred is heating up. I am afraid there is going to be a racial war and a rider versus non rider war down there if cooler heads can't prevail.

I have never seen anything like it. I hope that when it comes our turn to have to defend our lifestyle and our rallies that we can do so with some common sense and civility.

I for one think that what is happening down there is deplorable - on pretty much every front.
There are very few people who are even attempting to be civil.

I lived in the US for 5 years in another lifetime - a lot of that time was in the deep south - and I for one couldn't live there again.

Obama has a potentially much bigger problem than the economy to worry about when he takes office.

President elect Obama is going to have a racial war on his hands in the region of South Carolina the way the rhetoric is heating up down there - that is a distinct possibility - and potentially a war between riders and non riders.

He is going to have to walk a fine, fine line. I see in him flashes of Kennedy (JFK) the same kind of charisma, eloquence. Given time, I think this man has the potential to bring common sense and consideration to the table and get folks to calm down. I just pray that this man isn't cut down during his presidency the way JFK was.... America's history shows that it has not always been kind to really good presidents. Can you imagine the civil war that would start. No let's not go there....

I have been working on the phone book and I have to say for a first try I think it's going to be a great resource for all of us. In a few years as more people get on board with adding their favorite rider owned or friendly businesses to the book it is going to be phenomenal.

Anyway, the slave driver I work for tells me it's time to start working on Thursday's edition of the Busted Knuckle I'll sign off wishing all of you lucky SOB's that are living where youcan still ride to have a really safe day and the rest of you - have a great Sunday....go polish some chrome!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    As I read this posting, I was reminded of several lawsuits happening in Myrtle Beach as we breathe. 2 Back-to back events have the citizenry up in arms, forcing the city "fathers" to enact draconian "keep-the-bikers-out-of-MB" laws. Quelle Surprise!!! The bikers are fighting back!!!
    They do not want to be harassed by:
    1. Roadside muffler Db inspections.
    2. Roadside helmet inspections.
    3. Unwarranted paperwork looksees.

    All this in a city that benefits from these events to the tune of millions.

    I guess that Myrtle Beach has a lot to learn.

    On another note in the same vein...

    Are you aware that since the USA government has seized the copyrighted logo of the Mongols MC, it now has to produce said material in order for the copyright not to expire? Funny shit, this.
    The government takes away their First Amendment rights in order to stop crime, but now has to keep showing/producing in order for Mongols members not to get it back.
    I'm sitting here, just PMSL.

    Next item...........Australia
    Members of so-called OMCG's, (Outlaw MotorCycle Gangs), have formed a federal political party.
    The Australia Freedom Party has been formed by members of such organizations as Hells Angels, Gypsy Jokers, Outlaws, Rebels, etc.
    Meetings were held by reps from a few clubs, to fight what they believe are draconian laws aimed at them. It would be illegal to be a member of certain clubs, wear their patch, support paraphernalia, etc.
    Makes sense to me.........If we did that here BEFORE the feds get to us, we would stand a much better chance of surviving the changes in the wind.
    Don't forget, all winds that blow in the States, wind up blowing here too.
    nuff sed......


  2. Not sure what the problem is...!!!!
    Myrtle beach doesn't want bikers there...well fine and dandy...we'll take our business elsewhere where people appreciate us.