Well gang - our first phone book of Rider Friendly businesses went to print!
I made the deadline - YEAH!

What a night though - my eyes are square today and now I am off to go deliver the paper to my local customers.

The show n shine already had entries!
Man it didn't take any time now did it!

And we are getting more prizes for it every day!!!!

We'll give you a more complete list in a week or two.

Man - I am beat so before I completely run out of steam I had best get out the door.

Stay safe and warm!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. You know what?
    You done a good job
    About time the riding community came out of the closet and admitted you're figthing for us sister.

  2. Why thank you - it's nice to hear the work is appreciated, sometimes one does wonder...LOL

  3. No need to wonder.
    I can see you're a passionate soul and you are doing it because you believe in it and love it. A True believer.
    Keep going girl... you will make a difference