For those of you who use Internet explorer and are trying to view - you will most likely be getting an Operation Aborted Error - Internet Explorer can not display the page.

IE has some fundamental bugs in the way it is handling certain things on our site and this is a common problem on many news sites - it's the type of code we run.

Anyway - a simple fix is to download the Fire Fox Browser:

Until we can peg the one small piece of code that is causing this issue - it's the only fix we have.

Your patience while we work this problem out is deeply appreciated....

Have a good one...

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Good Luck on that 1 piece of code. As with everything else in life, it's usually 1 thing that manages to screw things up. In the reverse of the problem, I have found the same to be true of IE-based sites viewed on Firefox. I keep both on my PC, and switch back and forth as needed. Definitely a PIDA, but a necessary evil for sure.

  2. Heeeeeeeeeey...!!!!
    I tried it on IE and it almost destroyed my computer by having zillions of screens pop at the same time.
    Something seriously wrong there sister.
    Get your act together... I don't care how gorgeous you look, better get your act together...

  3. My web mistress you mean - I don't touch that stuff - and it's an IE issue - no other browser does that - you have to spend hours making a news site compatible with IE - not so with Fire Fox or Chrome etc...