It went from 7 below to 27 below in the space of hours here.
Man I am glad my bike is parked in my office! All warm and safe.

Yes, you could call me hard core - and yes I'll admit I am worse than most guys when it comes to my ride.

I love having it close to me. For those of you who have never seen pictures of my office, here is a shot of the first thing I see when I walk in to go to work.

Blackie sits about 6 feet away from my desk and at times like this when it is cold enough to freeze everything up - she's my inspiration.

When I am frustrated with things, I have a chair that sits directly across from Blackie and all of my favorite Motorcycle Art and awards - sitting in that chair helps me calm down and re focus.

It's a wonderful feeling to look at my Keg Push and Weenie Bite Plaques, my MAX award...helps to remind a person of why they do what they do yah know!

When it comes to bikes in the house I have, over the years allowed motorcycles to be built in my kitchen, stored in my kitchen - had them parked for the winter in my bedroom - nah, I'm not over protective - I just like motorcycles...

I would love to hear your stories of the odd places you have parked your motorcycle and what you do to overcome the PMS Blues. Submit your stories to me at - who knows - we might even print it in the Busted Knuckle!

Stay safe and brrr...warm if you can!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Greetings from Wichita Falls, Texas. I found you while blog surfing.

    Take care and drop by my Psycho Circus if you get a chance.

  2. Interesting blog there Paul