Well - I seem to have some really rotten luck - our rider friendly directory was held up in customs and has not yet arrived in Calgary - the trucking company promises they will have them here for me today.

I pray they arrive today as I have a lot of people I want to show them to.

The guys from the Veterans Canada MC are working with me in the booth and so far so good!

Our booth is not in a good location but we are doing the best we can with what we have.

The weather is at least nice here in Cow Town - so that's a major bonus!

I'll pop in and touch base with you all tomorrow - until then,
Stay safe and warm....
Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Well All good and well...I'm still waiting to see some photos of the show in Toronto and of course Calgary

  2. They will be in the paper this week for Calgary and last week's from Toronto were in the paper but I also have them all going into the photo gallerie (Cutting Room Floor) on my web site at