Our phone book got held up in customs for three days, then got held up by avalanches in the pass but the truck driver called last night and he is here in Calgary and I am looking forward to being able to get them into the hands of riders today.

I have been gathering signatures to help our brothers and sisters in Ontario fight to squash Bill 117.
I remembered I had the petition at 1pm yesterday and in 5 short hours was able to gather about 250 signatures.

If our gathering signatures does nothing else for this community than help foster a tighter sense of community I think it's well worth the effort. The guys and dolls that live in Ontario need to know they have our support and I encourage every rider out there, no matter where you live in Canada to sign the petition. We can not let this law go in to effect - if it passes in Ontario it is only time before that fight will come to all of our door steps.

To read the Bill:

To sign the On line petition:
Anyway - I have a truck driver to meet so I'd best go run through the rain locker and get ready for the day!

Stay safe and warm and if you live in Calgary - enjoy the warm weather and come visit us at the Calgary Motorcycle Show.

Belt Drive Betty

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