It appears from what I am reading that Ontario MPP Helena Jaczek and her staff have misinterpreted the statistics she has been touting from Smartrisk to further her cause.
It turns out, if you really read the stats that Pam Farmer of Smartrisk sent me (Supposed to be the same stats used by Jaczek) that they are for RIDERS and NOT for PASSENGERS.
If you look on our News page and scroll to the bottom of the Article called
"Bill 117 in Ontario and why every rider across Canada needs to know what it is about. Eroding a Parent's Rights" the links to the information I was given by Smartrisk are there so you can download them and look at them yourself) Interestingly these statistics are not available on the Smartrisk web site:

In fact, I was speaking with Robert LePage of Transport Canada and he expressed that true solid statistical information on passengers injured in motorcycles accidents are simply not available.
He also expressed that mopeds are included in the statistics that are available from Transport Canada. According to him statistics for accidents are gathered by the police services and hospital staff and if the right questions are not asked by these groups of service providers then the stats won't be very accurate.
The information on the MTO web site does not give age break downs for passengers involved in accidents. In a call to the MTO I was told that age breakdowns for passengers injured is not available - period. Am I being misinformed? Ms. Jaczek seems to have access to different information than the public can get their hands on. (See her standard request for informtion reply below)
In trying to find detailed and accurate information on passengers injured in motorcycle accidents I am told by every source I have tried so far "Good Luck".
We'll see what the insurance Bureau of Canada can provide, I am still waiting on them to get back to me.
On the Insurance & Liability Resource Centre page on the Imagine Canada web site you can find interesting statistics on accidents in Ontario.

As I said, I have been looking everywhere and asking for information from a whole ton of sources and so far, no quality statistics are available from any of them.

So, how can an MPP misinterpret the information that is there so badly? What is her motivation? Is she just a hater of motorcycles and trying to find a back door way of getting them off the road? Or is she trying to further her career? Ms. Jaczek's staff's appear not to have done quality research or interpretation. And if they have, they are not sharing it. I unearthed something in a standard request for information reply from her office. She touts the fact that 4 US States have age restrictions for passengers, what she doesn't tell you is the actual restrictions.

Here they are (Info from the AMA Web Site)
Child Passenger Prohibitions -
Hawaii: Under 7
Washington: Under 5
Arkansas: Under 8
Louisiana: Under 5

Here is the standard reply I received from her office:
I am writing to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts regarding my Private Member’s Bill, The Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Child Passengers on Motorcycles) 2008.
As you know, Bill 117, if passed, would amend the Highway Traffic Act to prohibit driving or operating a motorcycle on a highway while a person under the age of 14 is a passenger on the motorcycle, with a view to promoting safety on Ontario’s roads and protecting youth from preventable injuries.
This initiative would promote safety on Ontario roads and help protect youth from preventable injuries. The research is alarming:
According to Ontario MTO’s Road Safety Reports, a total of 199 motorcycle passengers between the ages of 0-15 sustained an injury in the years 1995-2005. 12 of these were between the ages of 0-4, 54 were between the ages of 5-9 and 133 were between the ages of 10-15.
According to Smart Risk, in the fiscal year 2005-2006, 856 people were hospitalized in Ontario due to motorcycle related injuries. Of those, eight were aged 5-9 and 38 were between the ages of 10 and 14.
According to Transport Canada, in 2006, 54 motorcycle passengers (between the ages 0-14) were seriously injured, across Canada. Four of these were between 0-4 years of age; and, 50 of these were between 5-14 years of age.

In the USA, four states have age-related laws and this would be the first law of its type in Canada.
Daniel Gianasi
Constituency Assistant
Office of Dr. Helena Jaczek, M.P.P.
Oak Ridges - Markham
137 Main Street North, Suite 201
Markham, Ontario L3P 1Y2
T - (905) 294-4931
F - (905) 294-0014
Toll Free - 1 866 531-9551

So you see, I am finding it very difficult to get the same information out of the Stats that Ms. Jaczek is touting. It appears to me that the information that is out there is being taken out of context and being deliberately misrepresented by avoidance of the facts (Re: age restrictions in the USA - Riders Injured, not Passengers etc.) and either the people I have been talking to don't have a clue or it's the Jaczek Crew that are out to lunch. Read the facts and then decide for yourself what's going on here.

I have been told by one of the major organizers (Ironmaiden) in the fight to have this outlandish bill squashed that the fight must go on and that no one who is affected by this bill should feel confident that it will fall by the wayside. Such are the politics in this country.

When politicians interpret stats for their own agendas and further their own careers, it's a travesty to our system, but hey - that's just my opinion.

Stay safe and warm and do yourself a favour, get educated on what's happening in our communities across Canada, from noise laws, pipes, helmets, and insurance to our children - there's a lot to know.

As taxpayers, as motorcyclists - you need to know. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Are we getting a little too uptight about this?
    The government is run by a lot of innept, unqualified, lazy, apathetic bureaucrats who have no idea what it's like out there. They have no idea what it takes to make a living, feed your family, keep a roof over their heads and if lucky have some sex with your spouse when all is said and done....provided she or he have no headache tonight...!!!
    Prime Ministers come and go and they look good if they happen to have the gift of gab, etc... but in reality, their hands are tied and there is sweet nothing they can do about anything except draw up general policies in the hopes that something good will happen. The country isn't run by the government but alas but the bureaucrats whose vested interest is me, I, and myself.
    So forget about statistics being right, forget about trying to set it right and enjoy the ride.
    It's sad and I know you may be dissapointed with what I'm saying...but let's be gives a shit! Period... Point Finale!

  2. I hear what you are saying, but I feel that people do care.

    Otherwise we would not have garnered over 400 signatures in two day to help support our brothers and sisters in Ontario.

    I believe that we the people have the power to change things for the positive but we have to be engaged and willing to effect change.

  3. On second thought, you are probably right for we do live in a democracy.