I have been researching the statistics quoted by MPP Helena Jaczek from Ontario as she quotes them to support her private member's Bill 117

I am awaiting a reply from her office to supply them and guidance on how to verify their origins.

What I am seeing on the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario web site leads me to believe that her statistics are extremely skewed.

I also have calls in to the Insurance Council of Canada and Statistics Canada.

The problem with any statistic is the logic behind how they are compiled and what questions are asked. It is vital when talking to the people providing them that one asks the right questions to get the most valid and accurate answers.

I'll fill you in more and what I discover over the course of the next few days.
Even though I live in Alberta, I think having all of the facts and being educated about what is going on around us vital - no matter where we riders live.

Until tomorrow, stay safe and warm

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. I read everything with my glasses on.... But seriously, you are quite need to know the parameters and criteria of what was being compiled in order to make sense of it. Otherwise, you might as well not waste your time... I have a feeling, you are right...In Canada, all the statistics are skewed...creative accounting is what it's called.
    Cheers and keep well