I am happy to have finally gotten our phone book yesterday and that we were able to get a decent amount out to the riders even though we missed the heaviest traffic days.
We had a small type o in one of our business partners ads - Purple Slice's phone number is wrong. The last digit in their phone number should be a 5 not a 6 sooo it means going through all of the books we have on hand and us manually fixing them.

Show schedules are grueling and I am a tired girl today.
I am working on the paper today so it can be printed tomorrow.

With any luck we will be able to print the events calendars this week. I am just waiting to hear from the component developer to ensure we can pull end dates properly for all of our 2 and three day events.

I look forward to the Edmonton show and seeing old friends and making new ones this coming weekend and hope in the mean time that you stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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