Watching the Chrome Divas getting their MAX Award was awesome! Man do those ladies have energy, integrity and spunk!

Glenn Roberts from Motorcycle Mojo won an award for his Custom Publication, Ken Venus won for Biker Radio Magazine, Motorcycle Tour Guide Nova Scotia won an award as did Atilla and Tina from Freakin Leather!

So many good people were recognized for their service to the Motorcycle community - it was a great awards ceremony.

I got to meet the CAV National President and Vice President - I have known both Trapper and Drifter for about 4 years but again, had never met them. What great guys.

I got to have a great chat with Adrian Blake from Ride On on Blog talk radio and had a wonderful chat with Nancy from Tech Sox.

It has been soooo busy but so very wonderful!

One more day at the show, then tomorrow build the paper, have a day off and then on a plane to Edmonton to grab my car and make my way to Calgary....I hear the weather at home in GP has been averaging -37 since I left....glad I've been here in -9 weather!

Heck there are guys like Mike Collins whom I was introduced to who are still riding here!

Anyway gang, I am off to get ready for the last day of the Toronto Super Show - chat with you tomorrow.

Until then, stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Why you driving from Edmonton to Calgary...don't they have them planes from Edmonton to Calgary over

  2. Saved $800 by parking the car in Edmonton so for me it made good sense....