Change can be for the good or the bad as we all know.

I am not sure what is happening in the custom industry but obviously not much...the same tired old bikes being shown in custom alley - I guess with this economy no one is buying fancy, expensive rides which is sad yet understandable.

There aren't any more than 40 machines in custom alley, there are however some colorful characters and a whack of interesting vendors! For a Friday the show was very busy, I know that today people will be packed in like sardines in a can....

The Chrome Diva's booth has been super busy, they have a beautiful framed print they are selling tickets on to raise funds for their little one Brianna, some beautiful old hummers and some of the most genuine, down to earth and real women I have ever had the pleasure to be around.

Come visit us if you are at the TO show!

I got to visit with my old friend Glenn Roberts from Motorcycle Mojo and saw Randy form the Friends of Veterans, got to meet Wendy from the Motorcycle Tour Guide Nova Scotia, Kawigal came and introduced herself as did Adrian - he's entered in our show n shine....I saw Nancy Meyer from Tech Sox - man in one day it has already felt like Old Home Week!

It's cold and snowy here to work I go.

Stay safe and warm.....

Belt Drive Betty

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