I arrived in Toronto and the gals from the Chrome Divas picked me up at the airport.

I am so honored to have these women as my friends, they are truly inspirational!

I am staying with Diva Crystal and last night she took me to a great Irish Pub for supper.
Some of her friends have a band and they were playing there. Man were they good. Yonge St is sure different that when I lived here as a little girl. Very trendy and upscale, lots of sushi bars and Irish and British pubs and all varieties of ethnic foods....

We are heading over to the Super Show in about 2 hours and I will get to meet many of the people that I have been working with Like Adrian Blake from RideOn and Ken Venus from Biker Radio Magazine. I am so excited!

Any how, I need to go jump in the shower so until tomorrow....

Stay safe and warm

Belt Drive Betty

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