There are currently 76 entries in our Beat the PMS Blues show 'n' goal was one hundred....come on people, help a girl out here.

You only have 4 days left to get your ride entered so don't tarry too much longer or you'll miss out on the great prizes we have lined up...

I fell last week and jammed the old hip pretty hard and I have had a tough time sitting for any length of time.

I need a couple of volunteers to give me a hand with updating the events calendars.
If you can spare an hour please drop me a line here.

I am desperate for some help. I have an appointment on Monday to have the hip looked at - I hope they can do something because driving to Edmonton to catch a flight to Toronto is going to suck hard if I feel like this...

Anyhow - I am going to go put some ice on this thing...

You have a great day today - I know mine will be a good one sore hip and all if I can finally get a couple hours of sleep....stay safe and warm

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Hey, I think I can help...but wouldn't know where to start.
    Not looking for money or compensation....