Christmas was a low keyed affair around here, but Santa none the less paid a visit and brought me some candles, a gift certificate for a massage and a rear tire for my bike!
Now just in case Santa didn't bring you everything your heart desired (there was a problem with frozen computers at the North Pole apparently) he asked Ali and I to help him we got together and decided you all deserved a great stocking stuffer, just to be sure that every good biker got something!

All registered members of our web site and all electronic newspaper subscribers - we are going to give you all a Stocking Stuffer - a free one year subscription to the newspaper - The Busted Knuckle Chronicles! (this is our way of saying thank you to all of you for sticking with us during the web site over haul)...

And here's the best part - you get to play Santa too!

Tell your friends to sign up as members of before December 31st and they too will get a free copy of the rider powered community newspaper - The Busted Knuckle Chronicles for 1 year - FREE.

Membership to our web site is free - and always will be - But the Busted Knuckle Chronicles is a subscription service.

As registered members you get 10 photo albums, free on line classified ads, use of Access to our events calendars, BDB Club savings cards, our weekly partners e-newsletter delivered with your paper and a ton of daily news and other resources - plus - registered members get to participate in all of our contests!

As of January 1/09 the subscription to the weekly community newspaper on line goes back up to $15 plus tax per year as our 5th anniversary special winds down. So tell your friends to get in on our Christmas Stocking Stuffer!

This Special Offer ends December 31st/08

In order to claim the free subscription - in the how did you hear about us box - your friend should enter the following:
"_______YOUR USER NAME_________ gave me this stocking stuffer"

Oh and by the way - this is a contest as well!

The person who has the most friends sign up for the Stocking Stuffer is going to get a gift pack of Belt Drive Betty branded products worth $100

If you get a chance - join Mike Cole on his Face book page at: Winter Harley Ride Across Canada
It's an easy way to show support for this Radical Awareness Run!

Only 6 days left to get your ride in to our Beat the PMS Blues show 'n' shine - what are you waiting for???? Over $4,000 in prizes up for grabs!

Have a safe and warm day....

Belt Drive Betty & Ali

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  1. So how was the massage?
    just kidding girl... I have a lot of respect for what you are trying to do for our riders in Canada....I think, with the right editorial can actually propel your paper and blog on a WWS...meaning World Wide Spot.
    SOoooooo...what's holding you back....?
    Again, being the devil's advocate here.

  2. Massage was great - helped immensely.

    With the January Bike Shows, new marketing materials and the tons of promotions we are starting then - the only thing holding me back is a team and a bit of working capital - the team is slowly being built and cash flow is improving so now it's just time and diligence...I love what I do and I love my community.

    I could use a marketing person - you interested????

  3. Let me know more. I like WhAT YOU'RE DOING

  4. Give me a shout - I'd love the help!