I have had to steer clear of one of my favorite news feed site because they have been hit by that nasty drive by Anti Virus 2008/09 infection!

Man does that suck, I wen to their site to decide what news I should be loading and yah - I managed to shut down my browser really fast and then immediately went to Malware Bytes and started cleaning.

The good news is I was able to clean things up really quickly this time, only 4 hours instead of 16 like the last time!

There are so many places being hit with this thing - it's scary and IE - wow what a nightmare.

I have completely disabled IE on my computer - it's just not worth the risk...

Spammers, spoofers, viruses - man the internet can be a tough place to navigate, even when you are used to it!

In other news - Revolution Magazine is going to do a feature on the bikes that winn the Red Deer Motorcycle Show Packages - so what are you waiting for people - get your bikes in there already! if you aren't a member - sign up, it'ds FREE and so is the Show 'n' Shine!

It is cold here, -30 on the house thermometer so add 5 to that and whatever for windchill and yah - it's just plain COLD!

Stay safe and warm....

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Your post was very missuses had the same after reading your post I logged on Malware solved 95% of the problems she had.
    Still got 5% to go but hey...we're ahead of the game...!
    Thanks Betty