We have some drop dead gorgeous rides in our show 'n' shine don't we?
Holy cow!

I am so very impressed!

I love looking at my fellow members rides. It's kind of a fun way to "meet" people.

The Red Deer Motorcycle Show really upped the ante on the Metric, American, Pro and Garage Classes! The winning bikes, if they are brought to the Red Deer show, will be featured by Revolution Magazine!

Now that's pretty sweet!

With the help of Wayne from the SIR, I submitted for approval our first motorcycle column for the Moose Jaw Times Herald. Much like the column I am doing for the Northern Horizon and Mirror out of Dawson Creek BC, I intend to use the column to help show case the riding clubs, the businesses, events and people of the region - so, cross your fingers that the powers that be liked the collaborative effort because if they did, then every two weeks we'll be featuring a different Saskatchewan riding club, event, business or person....educating the public as to who we, the silent majority (well OK not so silent when we are riding) really are, why we do what we do and why we LOVE what we do.

If that article is accepted and we press onward, the next column will feature the Flatland Riders out of Estevan and then I just might have to feature Dr Fuller if he's game....
Anyway gang, I have a busy few days ahead of me so for now....

Stay safe and warm,

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Yes, we're100% right....!!!!

    To be honest with you, I think we should start a lobby group in Ottawa so our voices are not only heard, but maybe eventually, respected.
    Riders Unite
    We're not freeks
    We're not geeks
    We're just plain sweet

  2. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Good for you Betty Fly n the folks in Moose Jaw deserve a new voice in the community. St Victors is going intoits third decade and should be a great season starter on father's day(before that tenting is chilly). There is one slight concern Betty that is the problems of getting my Indian pics up on the show n shine site it keeps giving me fatal error 96 Now I'm sure its not just cause once the Princess's pic is up all will cower! PLEASE HELP