Right now it's -30 - not sure what the windchill factor is - but damned it's cold.
For December, this is cold - we normally see these temperatures in January!

Oh well, good day to stay at the computer cleaning up the last of my books etc before I head to the Toronto Super Show. I will be in the Chrome Diva's Booth - I can't wait to finally meet Danni Stockley who writes for the Busted Knuckle Chronicles...funny how the Internet allows people to work together for the common good - remotely and sometimes we never meet each other!
Ali and I had worked together for 2 years before we got to meet!

Have you noticed the work that girl has done on our site! Holy Cow Bat Man - it is beautiful, clean, simple - easy to use....I am proud of her and what she is bringing this community by way of communication tools!

How many of you Alberta readers are going to go to the Red Deer Motorcycle show?

If you enter in our on line show 'n' shine and are in the Pro Built, Garage Class or the Custom American or Metric classes and win the Red Deer Motorcycle Show Package - your ride just might end up featured in Revolution Magazine!

If you haven't entered your bike in the Lucas Oils Custom Show Case you really should consider it. There's $10,000 up for grabs.

The Westerner - the venue where the Red Deer Motorcycle Show is being held, has banned the Red & White and all "Illegal Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Colors" from being able to have exhibitor booths or a presence at the Red Deer Motorcycle Show - like many, many other cities and facilities across Canada - this practice is becoming common place.

What are your thoughts on the subject...I'd love to hear them!

We are up to 45 entries in the show 'n' shine! I'd love to see at least 100 in there so come on folks - we have great prizes up for grabs and really - in this cold weather - I want to look at bikes and day dream so help a girl out would yah? - is where the action is! Come join us - it's FREE!

Anyway, time to get back to work, I hope you have a phenomenal day - stay safe and warm...
Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Hey Betty,

    We're snowed in in BC...A sign of th Gods and powers to be... I guess...

    What are my thoughts...well don't wanna go there...Banning Red & White banners abd what have you...Hahahaha, as if that is going to solve anything...It's just Like Stephan Dion and his coalition forces and now Iggy The Figgy and his canny smile...I wonder if his mother would spank him for what he stands for... but seriousely..this country is got to get its act together and yes including motorcycle and riding laws...