I was reading ArtBiker World's blog and came across the fact that a woman I admired had died.
I was rather surprised that I had not heard on the news or in the news feeds...

Bettie Page passed away on December 11th - she had a massive heart attack and never regained consciousness. She was 85 years old.

Bettie blazed the way for women to be proud of their femininity and sexuality, she was a favorite pin up girl and centre fold in the 50's - yet she was also a devout Catholic who believed that God dislikes promiscuity not sexuality....

Rest in Peace Bettie - you will be missed by many but not forgotten.

I also read something else of interest on ArtBiker World's Blog...

Tourists beware - NY City is cracking down on loud motorcycles....

Read the article in his blog - I'd love your take on things! My single biggest question is will tourists be ticketed and treated the same way? If so - YIKES!

I have about 200 motorcycle events to update in the calendars so I had best get feels like minus 30 today - a big improvement over the minus 42 it felt like yesterday!

Have a safe and warm day, I'll yak at you all tomorrow.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. You admired Betty Page...? My're hardly old enough to have knwon or seen any of her shows...

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Thanks for the reference Bettie! Love your Blog!