Have you ever noticed that when you take affirmative action to get rid of some people in your life it raises your sense of well being?

I had an experience with someone that really bothered me. I wrote about it, then deleted it- it was wrong of me to be public about it - I had thought writing about it would make me feel better - it didn't - I was frustrated even after talking to the person, what had been done bothered me - BADLY. So I wrote, then I deleted.

This person could not see that what they were doing was wrong, so ....after much thought I made an affirmative decision to get rid of them out of my life.

That one simple decision to cut them out of my life for good has given me a sense of peace with regards to the situation that bothered me.

I have always had a tendency to be reactionary - I have to get what bothers me off my chest and then it seems my brain and reason kicks in...I want to find a better way of dealing with the negative emotions that sometimes overwhelm me.

How do you deal with things or people who frustrate or hurt you?

I'd love to know as I have been struggling with the appropriate ways to deal with emotions that serve no real good...

Tell me, I'd love to know.

Stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. You're only human and in Life (says the wiseman) you will have many situations where frustration in general and at people in particular will set-in and bother you to no-end. Getting it off your chest is the best way to deal with it for your own sanity, but also you will learn, with time, to forgive and forget..for there is inner peace in forgiving.

  2. Forgiving someone who steals from you and doesn't see what they did was wrong is hard - but you are right...get it off your chest and let it policy!