We have locked everything down under the membership area - I HATE spammers and those who don't play nice - they make every one's lives so difficult!

The Rider Friendly Phone book and the events calendars can only be accessed if you sign up for a free membership - sorry folks but I am sick and tired of doing work only to have to re do it because some jerk has decided that our calendars or phone book need to be messed with.

Membership on our web site is free - so you can access our calendars etc but you have to be a member to do so - same with the phone book - sorry folks, but the more popular the site becomes - the more spammers try to destroy our stuff.

Members - Our events calendar tutorial is up and running so for those of you wanting to add events to our calendars, watch the tutorial and if you are experiencing any issues - please feel free to contact me. Everything has to be approved now before it will appear live on the site, that includes classified ads etc.

Beginning this week we will be printing the calendars in the paper. (The Busted Knuckle Chronicles)

If you have a publication or newsletter and want to use the information that we spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in phone calls etc to build - please ask first and if you are willing to give us credit as your source or one of your sources, we will be happy to work with you.

There is always a lot to do and I do my best every day to accomplish as much as I can.

Some days are better than others!

Today I am pleased to announce that Brian Stuart from Harley Tech Talk has agreed to start answering the questions of our members about their machines in the forums on The technical advice that Brian can offer is amazing so I hope that many of you will take advantage of the knowledge he can offer.

In a chat that I had with the Red Deer City RCMP it looks like there will be positive change for next year's show in Red Deer which bodes really well for all of us, vendors, exhibitors and customers!

Gotta run - it's time to start making calls out east!

Stay safe and warm...

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Good news and bad news....
    Bad news: Spammers...They are definetly a pain in the derriere
    and some day they will be dealt a blow that will eradicate them from earth...but, today is not the day.

  2. Glad you enjoy it, this community provides some darn good stories doesn't it.