I hope that you all hug your motorcycle and your better half today. It's up to you which one you choose to hug first!

I have another busy day ahead to get the calendars ready for printing.

There are so many events that have been canceled for this year!
There are a lot of new events cropping up too and new clubs - holy cow!

It never ceases to amaze me how many web sites there are out there that have been abandoned.
I can't understand why you would put a site up and then just not do anything with it. I wished there was a cyberspace garbage can that when you come across a dead site you could just throw it out.

It also amazes me how many riding clubs think that every one should know where their favorite coffee shop or pub is located. Or how they are amazed that a person doesn't know their event always happens on the first Saturday of whatever month.

Every day there are more people getting their license who haven't ridden before or haven't ridden in years - how are they supposed to know what's what? The lack of good solid information that is out there and the amount of phone calls and emails it takes to generate good event calendars is mind blowing.

I try very hard to ensure our information is accurate, I hope you will help me by letting me know when you see a wrong date or some other misinformation - your help goes a long way in making the riding season wonderful for everyone! Don't forget I am the Type O Queen - my brain is always way ahead of where my fingers are - LOL

Any how - I am going to go set started on my day - have a great Valentine's day to you all later.

Stay safe and warm...

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. I tried to hug my scooter and motorcycle for Valentine's day but they wouldn't let me.... You see they haven't been ridden for a while now and are extremely jaleous of my other better half.

  2. That almost sounds like a personal problem...LOL

    Your better half must be a pretty luck gal.