There have been a few challenges on the web site of late.

Our new to the internet users are having a hard time understanding why the things they post don't show up immediately and are submitting things three and four times. (The warnings and rules on our site are rather small and unobtrusive.)

Just so you know: News, articles, jokes, rider friendly phone book listings, events and classified ads do not appear on our site until either Ali or I approve them. This way we can ensure that everything being submitted is put in the proper category. Your understanding and patience is deeply appreciated.

I know we've had a few challenges when it comes to the new web site, but every day it is getting better and better. Ali is tightening up the navigation issues and has been working away at adding all of our components - the site is truly amazing and is going to continue to get better all the time. The woman is amazing - she has one heck of a work load and gets very little in the way of pay right now. She has been working with me for 3 years and has proven her dedication to this community in a thousand ways.

I would appreciate it if you all showed her how much you appreciate her efforts on behalf of this community by emailing her at - just say hey - thanks for your hard work...
I know she'd appreciate hearing a little bit of praise and lord knows she deserves it.

Have a wonderful day, stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. And all means Ali deserves all the best for all her hard work at the paper..It's tidy, well presented and covers the riding community with news, tid bits, things for sale...etc...
    You guys deserve the very best there is.
    God Bless and keep up the good work.