What a busy time! I had a meeting with Community Futures yesterday, all day today with Travel Alberta...I have been training sales reps via Skype and trying to get everything organized for the Peace Country AIM-Can Chapter's motorcycle awareness event. I am on the board of directors for our chapter and it has been tough slogging to get this much done, but here we are!

Beginning next week we kick off sales for the 2010 Little Black Book and I am looking very forward to seeing that book double in size and encompass the whole country!

Our printed event calendar in this week's paper will have some corrections to it next time we print as we have gotten back about 20 confirmations and cancellations. We'll get them printed for you as soon as we can! In the mean time, remember the on line calendars are live and updated as soon as new information comes in.

You can help us have the best of information by contacting us any time you see a mistake or by posting an event yourself. (Remember, nothing appears on the site until either Ali or I approve it - so please don't submit more than once.) It is my hope that you guys and dolls who read the paper, use the web site and its tools will get more involved in submitting stories, event information and reviewing the businesses in our Little Black Book. I'd love to see your favorite day rides and I'd love to know what businesses treated you well. The more we share this stuff the better all of our riding seasons will be. Anyway, I still have some preparations before today's seminar and meetings with Travel Alberta so I'd best get it in gear....

Stay safe and warm,

Belt Drive Betty

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