We are now offering you GPS Coordinates for most of our BDB Partners in our on line phone book!

Very soon we will be turning those coordinates into down loadable apps for Iphones, Garmin Motorcycle GPS units and hopefully Tom Tom as well.

One day, one sale, one step at a time - we are getting this thing to where I envisioned it would be.

I am finally caught up on all of the back logged paper work that was generated between two computer crashes and a set of books from the accountant that would not merge with my copy!

The year end is done and back from the accountant, taxes filed!
I am finally - really and truly in a position to promote our community to achieve better service in hotels and motels, dealerships and other businesses we use, to create better communication tools for our community to use.

So, off I go, three to four days in the Mighty Peace selling motorcycle tourism and riders as consumers to businesses - the more businesses we have working with our community, the better off we are - not just the paper and it's other ventures, but we as riders.

We look forward to having more riders participate in what we do, tell us what you want, what you need. Tell us what you like and don't like. As a rider myself, I am growing this thing based on what I know I would like to see. Your feed back and input is so valuable not just to the paper etc but to your fellow rider. If you want our web site, the newspaper and the phone book to be valuable to you - tell us! We are not mind readers!

Get involved, talk to me, let's grow this thing so that one day - every rider can be hooked up with all of the information and tools they need. It is only through the sharing of information that we will all have the riding season we deserve. Good service, great events and wonderful rides - sharing, communicating, it's how a community becomes strong.

Till next time, stay safe out there - ride like they are out to get you, because they are - I want you around to argue with, laugh with and most importantly to ride with!

Belt Drive Betty

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