There is a group of kids in Moncton New Brunswick called the Bike Klub.

I have been a sponsor of what they do for a number of years. When I first heard about them, they were building bicycles. Their dream was to build motorcycles and through their attendance of the Canadian Championship of Bike Building in Wembley AB in 2006 they made some huge connections, were donated a frame by Mid-USA Canada and bits and pieces from Canadian Builders like Trickfactory, Cycle Boyz, Goldammer Cycle Works, HawgZotic and more.

Today they are true motorcycle builders. Today they are CHAMPIONS!

The Donnie Smith Invitational is a very prestigious show, not only did they win the Technical Merit award and Best Overall! They also placed 3rd in the Rigid Class - being pitted against 8 pro builders!

No small feat - their achievement is a feather not only in their own individual caps, but that of the teacher who never, ever gave up. Marc Mazerolle kept them first and foremost in all of his efforts and found the ways and means to ensure these kids could live their dream. His dedication needs to be hailed and held up as an example to teachers everywhere.

I myself was an honored and humbled human being when the Bike Klub named their first build after me. Now that "Betty" is an international championship ride....well, what's a girl supposed to say...I am so very proud of these kids and so proud to say I know them, support them and love them...I always have felt those things - they are special kids who are guided and mentored by a special teacher.


They have done their sponsors, their teacher and their country PROUD!

If ever you felt moved to support our future - the Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Klub is a group more than worthy of your support. Visit their web site at:
And please, donate generously - they have a championship to defend!

They have done Canada proud and have reduced this crusty, out spoken old broad to tears of joy and pride.

CONGRATULATIONS Bike Klub - you earned every accolade coming your way!

Stay safe, and ride like they are out to get you, because they are!

Belt Drive Betty

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