OK people, motorcycle awareness is not just for cagers...

I am already seeing accident reports in the news which means that Motorcyclists are not being aware of the dangers of the cagers.

Motorcycle Awareness is a two way street people. In order for you to be safe out there you have to ride like you are invisible - like no one can see you. You have to anticipate that every cager is an idiot - blind and hates bikes. To do otherwise opens you up for HUGE risks.

If you approach every intersection with that mind set you will have a better chance at arriving to your destination.

I want you, my brothers and sisters of the wind to be safe, I want you around to argue with, to laugh with and to share the open road with....please ride like they are out to get you - because - THEY ARE!

Stay safe and warm,
Belt Drive Betty

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  1. The cager's are the single most important threat we face on the road.
    Buckle up and look at this:
    Also I have a very good post on :
    I think, you 2 should hook up on the blog me on this.

  2. Wicked videos.

    Not sure what you mean by hooking up on the blog scene. With my schedule I do as much as I can, on Facebook, Twitter, a number of riding forums, writing for three newspapers plus my own...

    I have a number of blogs I try to get to and read as often as I can - yours would be one of the many.

    Problem is there are so many and sifting through the garbage to get to the good ones is tough.

  3. Betty,
    all I meant is maybe you should put her on as an American motorcyclist in your special section + ask her if you can sell her books either on your blogs or through your paper ...she has written has very good accounts of her foreign riding trips.
    Cheers and Have a great day madera madere for you have nothing to fear

  4. Who is the She you refer to?
    I obviously missed something here...

  5. Sorry Betty, she's not my, here 's the blog: