Our events calendars have another 70 or so events to go in! The biggest part of that challenge is the quality of information that is given to us!

Many groups are run by volunteers and they don't always understand that people from other provinces will attend their events if they know about them. So they think every rider should know which Timmy's or hotel they speak of or they neglect to put contact information, start times that sort of thing in.

We spend a lot of time cleaning up the information that is given to us, searching for postal codes so that the event calendar can pull a Google map for the location etc.

This whole next week is dedicated to getting those calendars fine tuned and making sure everything we have is as accurate as possible as we will begin printing 6 pages of events every week for the next few starting March 26th.

Your patience as we comb through the events to ensure the info is accurate is deeply appreciated!

Have a safe and warm day - if you live in the Peace Region - you are out of luck on warm.
If you are lucky enough to live where it is warm enough to ride - Ride like they are out to get you.

Belt Drive Betty

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