We keep hearing how there is new stimulus for small businesses to grow and hire people.
YAH - right!

I went to our local Community Futures office. I have a solid business plan, a good number of contracts that were attached to the plan that have a value that is more that I am looking for in funding.

I was not turned down - the application was deferred, they now want 2008 financial reports, all the bike show stuff back to 2005 - the first year we hosted the shows, more contracts and a revised cash flow.

HERE'S the kicker - even IF I had the time to prepare everything they want - they still want 1 - 1 collateral AND 9% interest. So, I stay doing things the hard way - one sale at a time.

Everything is growing fast with this humble little rag and I would really like to raise some capital to help me manage the growth better. I need to consolidate some debt, buy some new computers and upgrade software... If anyone who reads this blog is at all savvy in the small business financing area I would appreciate some mentoring.

I am now consulting for Mighty Peace Tourism and the new Jasper Motorcycle Rally that is going the be held in September this year.

It's going to be a busy time around here as I am also going to be loosing Lori my data entry clerk at the end of June - well sort of, she's going to continue working for me but remotely - she will be taking over the event calendar administration duties and a few other duties on the web site.
She is in love and going to be moving, so I am looking for a part time person to assist with general book keeping and filing for here in Grande Prairie. I can see the fire between Lori and her man and although I am sad for me, I am so very happy for her. She deserves to be in a good relationship and her man sure seems like a good one.

Between Twitter, Face book, this blog, the Moose Jaw Times Blog and the column for the Northern Horizon and the Mirror newspapers and our own web site, newspaper, phone book, consulting and my charity work - well, let's just say my plate is full and I hope that one day very soon I can get out on my bike - if I don't I am going to explode I have PMS so bad.

Stay safe and warm and if you are lucky enough to be riding - PLEASE - Ride like they can't see you - BECAUSE THEY CAN'T!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. You need to pace yourself.
    YES YOU CAN and you will do it.
    Best wishes