Other than I have to find an error in my chequing account I am pretty much done year end! YAH!

I am not big on accounting - it's not my strength at all, BUT...I was reading the other day about how music assists with spacial work and working with numbers. Apparently uplifting music helps the two sides of your brain work together.

I had always been of the school of thought that since I hated books I needed peace and quiet in order to get the job. I always dreaded doing them.

So any way I decided to try working to some old 70's music on The Radio dot Com (GREAT music on the 70's Gold Channel)....well I have to tell you I never knew doing books could be so much fun. My husband thought I was a freak dancing around my office while I was waiting for the photocopier to copy a receipt or a cheque...when a great tune would come on, I'd crank the radio and sing at the top of my lungs. I actually liked doing the books, I had fun! so from now on...

Anyway - so far the news feeds are kind of slow and what with Daylight savings time and the fact I still have a newspaper to put together and one more account to finish well, I'd best sign off for now!

Have a safe and warm day...

Belt Drive Betty

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